Deep1 Members

When joining Deep1, companies join a talented and supportive community with a shared goal: to disrupt their industries in a positive way through innovations in artificial intelligence. With access to data, corporate partners, industry experts, discounted tools and more, Deep1 entrepreneurs and their teams reside at the most resourceful place to build an AI company.


Access to data and more

Gaining access to proprietary and public sources data sources for machine learning can be a real chore. At Deep1 we recruit data partners that are interested in how innovation in AI enable the discovery of new products and services. So Deep1 data partners provide datasets to the Deep1 community to help propel growth. This is a one key benefit of membership. Check out some of our data sources here.

Additional benefits include:

  • Engaged corporate partners for pilots

  • Events that pull investors, corporate partners and customers

  • Access to industry experts and mentorship

  • Marketing drumbeat

  • Hackathons, grants and contests

  • Discounted tools

  • Dedicated AI recruiting


Membership is free to companies joining Deep1 during 2019. 

Beginning in January 2020, early members will enjoy these annual membership rates:


 Interested in joining?

Take the first step by filling out the self-assessment to see if DEEP1 is a good fit for you and your team. We will contact you in a few days for a follow up.