Frequently Asked Questions


What is Deep1?

Deep1 helps emerging AI companies innovate, thrive and scale. It is a curated community for leading companies disrupting the future of business with artificial intelligence.

Fueled by a consortium of select corporate partners, Deep1 provides a vibrant community of AI entrepreneurs large data sets for machine learning and access to a network of established companies predisposed to piloting disruptive AI business solutions.

Deep1 is headquartered adjacent to MIT in Kendall Square.

What is Deep1’s mission?

To foster the next generation of artificial intelligence companies by providing innovative entrepreneurs with the strategic resources necessary to bring bold new solutions to market.

In practice what does that mean?

Deep1 nurtures a collaborative ecosystem that fosters best practices among AI innovators, and helps to structure productive pilots between entrepreneurs and industry. Deep1…

  • embraces an open innovation platform that attracts leading companies to pilot and partner with entrepreneurs

  • draws prospective investors, advisors, customers and journalists to the epicenter of AI innovation

  • helps companies save money by sharing tools, infrastructure, business services and expertise

  • facilitates access to proprietary training data for machine learning

  • strives to reduce bias in machine learned intelligence

  • mitigates entrepreneurial challenges and propels growth

  • recruits advisors including top academics and accomplished business professionals

What are the tangible benefits of membership?

Business development:

  • Collaborate with established companies that want to pilot, partner or become your customer

  • Access pools of proprietary and public data to propel your machine learning


  • Interact with Deep1 member companies facing challenges similar to yours

  • Realize discounts on software tools and hardware

  • Have a voice in the vibrant community of AI innovators transforming the future of work

  • Receive or provide mentoring

  • Leverage communal data/ops, data science and AI recruiting resources


  • Promote your company on the website, in the press and with shareable videos

  • Include your company on tours of established companies

  • Invitation for you to participate in panel discussions and surveys on the impact of AI

  • Invitation for your company to showcase at the annual Deep1 Conference


  • Participate in Deep1 events that feature thought leaders, authors, academics and draw investors, journalists and potential customers

  • Participate in hack-a-thons, contests and grants

  • Attend technical talks and brown bag lunches on latest research in AI

Is Deep1 an incubator?

No, we formed as a non-profit to remain a neutral entity. We do not take equity from member companies but we do offer a rich calendar of events that help members connect and learn. Incubation services will be available through a partner.

Who is behind Deep1?

Deep1 was conceived and founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs who have collectively generated tens of millions of investor value and raised tens of millions of capital for their ventures. We are wired for entrepreneurship and have built several AI companies and community clusters (including LabCentral and MassRobotics).

Is residency at the Cambridge Innovation Center a prerequisite to DEEP1 membership?

No. While CIC is a Deep1 launch partner, being a client of CIC is not a membership requirement. Deep1 members who have tenancy elsewhere are referred to as Associate Members but otherwise enjoy the same benefits as regular members.

What does membership cost?

Membership is free to companies joining during 2019. Beginning in January 2020 those early members will enjoy discounted annual membership rates.

 This sounds great, how do I join?

If you are interested in seeing if your company is a fit for Deep1 please take the self-assessment and we will contact you within two business days for follow up.